Our procedures and safety has been assessed and ‘We’re Good to go’

We are pleased to announce the staged reopen from 12th April 2021

The following measures will be introduced at The Dorset Golf Resort and as of 12th April will begin to re-open safely. Please note that all measures are based on current strict guidelines outlined by the Government, due to the fluidity of the situation these may be subject to change.

Please note that in addition to the below, all staff have been given the necessary PPE equipment and will be subject to temperature checks throughout the day if they work in key customer service areas. Similarly to before we closed, an enhanced cleaning regime will be put in place and monitored regularly, all public areas will be thoroughly deep cleaned prior to re-opening.

Our Accomodation

Log Home & Cottages

Self Catering Breaks –

Until the 17th May 2021 a single household/bubble may rent the whole property (not just a room) on a Self catering basis, only on this basis may extra beds and sofa beds may be used as well as all the other facilities in the house (for example the sauna) general Government guidelines will still be recommended.

General Log Homes & Cottages information –

All books and board games have been removed, we have also removed a large selection of the plates, glasses and cutlery to leave a select amount that can be easily sanitised and accounted for. Houses will be stripped to the mattress protector and sanitised with an antiviral fog after ever guest checks out and before our house keeping team enter for deep cleaning.

Staff will have masks, gloves and bibs for PPE as well as mandatory regular use of sanitiser and hand washing. Pillow protectors will be changed and washed on a high temperature as standard (rather than just the pillowcase) after every stay.

House Keeping: Will not be refreshing properties during a guest stay, but extra towels or any other items can be provided if requested via Reception, these will be left outside of the property. No staff member will enter the property during a guests stay unless maintenance is required.

Maintenance –

All general maintenance will occur when guests have vacated the property and will often be deferred to the next day if the issue is deemed non essential. Essential maintenance includes loss of electricity, water and or hot water. The maintenance team will be equipped with masks and gloves and be able to request the room become vacant to perform such essential maintenance.

Our Restaurant

With space to seat more than 200 people our restaurant is well equipped for safe dining

Closed until 17th May 2021

There will be a maximum of 6 people per table from 17th May 2021 will be permitted to sit together provided they are from two households. There will be a minimum of 2 meter spacing between each table with any other guests seated with social distancing in place.

All table service will have the same servers for each table (where possible) and wear face masks for any 1 meter situations. All Cutlery will be prepared in sanitised napkins using sanitised gloves, glasses will only be brought to the table on request. Salt and pepper packets will replace salt and pepper shakers with bread to be served individually to guests rather than a communal breadbasket. Restaurant tables and chairs will be fogged and sanitised every night after guests leave to ensure a pristine environment.

Staggered eating times and sittings will be in place to ensure the dining room remains uncrowded and a comfortable atmosphere. Servers will be issued with personal towels for plate carrying and will wear gloves to clear tables, all serving staff will wash their hands every 20 minutes and more frequently when required.

Our Clubhouse

With seating for more than 200 people normally our Clubhouse Bar is perfectly equipped for a safe visit

Guests and members will be required to swipe in and out when entering the Clubhouse using their members/guest bar card, this is for the track and trace obligation we all have. Any other guests will be registered by and employee.

A maximum of 6 people per table will be permitted to sit together provided they are from two households. Safe ordering will be possible with fitted screens by in front of the till areas as well as places where guests may queue and wait to order. Floor markings will indicate 2 meters distancing for ordering at the bar, the swipe card tab service has been moved to allow members/Resort guests to swipe their own card in order to pay which helps keep a cashless system.

Guests will be asked to sit at tables as soon as is possible avoiding groups standing. Tables have been set a 2 meters distancing and must not be moved without permission. Doors will be left open where possible to help the flow of patrons and air. Sauces and condiments will be offered in individual packets with no bottles, stopping cross contamination.

Other departmental staff will be limited from going behind the bar to control the touching of bar/restaurant equipment. All glasses, plates and mugs will be collected by staff only using gloves. Extra cleaning and disinfecting will occur to every table and chair that has been departed. All Credit card (PDQ) machines will be disinfected after each customer use.

Sanitiser stations will be in place throughout the Clubhouse building and customers will be expected to use them regularly.

Resort Reception

A maximum of 4 people to be in reception at any one time, one customer at each counter and one waiting on a waiting circle, screens have been placed as a safety barrier between staff and customers. Keys will be handed out fully sanitised in sealed envelopes to be discarded by the guest.

All guests will be issued (where appropriate) with a bar card in order to be as cashless as possible in the bar and restaurant. All Credit card (PDQ) machines will be wiped between uses. Keys for accommodation will be disinfected on checkout as well as bar (tab) cards.

A Viricidal fog treatment will be applied to the whole of the reception area before opening each morning at 7am.

Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen is one of our top priorities and we will have some of the strictest procedures possible

Staff will be subjected to regular temperature check throughout the day to ensure their health and well being. The kitchen will not under any circumstances be used as a through way for staff outside of the kitchen/clubhouse teams, all members of staff will avoid entry to the kitchen unless absolutely essential.

2m floor stickers will be in place to aid safe working stations for the kitchen brigade with face masks to be worn for 1 meter + situations. Only one members of staff will be allowed in the walk in fridge at a time. Disinfectant stations will be positioned near contact points such as handles and surfaces.

A one way route around the kitchen has been established with specific pick up locations for food orders.

Our Driving Range

8am to 7pm (7 Days a week)

  • ALL bays will be open for use due to our layout and bay size
  • Range balls will be washed with a solution before dispensing, we still recommend however that you do not touch the balls and use your club to manoeuvre them.
  • Tokens to be purchased and collected from the golf shop
  • Tee’s will be placed in the mats and must not be touched
  • All range baskets will be thoroughly sanitised in between use
  • Follow the one way system as indicated on the driving range
  • Place basket in sanitiser bin on exiting the range area
  • If all the bays are full continue and exit using the one way system and queue at the entrance to wait for a bay. Ensure social distancing guidelines are being strictly adhered to
  • Follow ALL guidance and signage displayed for safe use the Driving Range

Changing Rooms & Toilets

A cleaning rota has been put in place to ensure the regular sanitising of all toilets and changing room facilities throughout the day. A pump sprayer and fogging machine has been provided to ensure hands free sanitising of all surfaces and facilities. Changing room showers and lockers will be kept out of use to stop any issues of cross contamination.

Hire Items

Whilst limited hire equipment will be available under strict sanitising practices, if you are able to do so, we recommend that you bring your own

  • Golf buggies are available for hire, enquire directly. They will be sanitised by our staff after every use.
  • Pull and electric trolleys will be available to hire from the golf shop and will have a station available for you to sanitise before use
  • Disinfectant wipes/spray will also be available for golfers to wipe down hire equipment before use

T: 01929 472244

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